Ep 7: Start, Bench, Cut & Trade or No Trade

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Adam and Carter cover baseball, basketball, and football in this episode of Sports-N-Stuff. They play Trade or No Trade and Start, Bench, Cut ahead of the NFL trade deadline along with covering current sports news!


Weekly Updates

  • Rolling in new merch so check out our merch on our website
  • Boomin again on TikTok
  • Will Hand out stickers and possibly free merch in the Quad at Boise State
    • Keep an eye out for those or if you really want a sticker, contact us at the contact@sportsnstuff.show email and we will make sure to hook you up.

World Series

  • World Series is now going on
    • Astros vs Braves
      • Redeeming for Braves to make it due to last year
      • Nobody wanted Astros or Red Sox to make it
        • American League Cheater Series

NBA Startup 

  • We can see how teams improved and regressed
    • Steph Curry and the Warriors
      • Playing very impressively and exceeding preseason expectations
    • LeBron James and the Lakers
      • Look as old as every player on their rosher
    • Trail Blazers
      • Seem lost this season
    • Bulls
      • Surprisingly really good! Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso are playing extremely well!
    • Hornets
      • LaMelo being LaMelo

Boise State Football

  • Boise State lost to Air Force
    • Had a chance after recovering an onside but threw an interception immediately after
  • Play at Colorado State next week
    • Colorado State Record: 3-4
    • Boise State Record: 3-4

Tom Brady’s 600th Touchdown pass ball

  • Mike Evans gave away 600th touchdown pass ball
    • Ended up getting the ball back
    • Gave person items in return
      • 2 signed jerseys and a helmet
      • Signed Mike Evans Jersey and game cleats
      • $1,000 Bucs Team Store Credit
      • Duel Season tickets for the remainder of this season and next season
      • A bitcoin worth $63,000
    • Price of the game ball: 500k-750k

Watson To Dolphins

  • Dolphins and Texans REPORTEDLY agreed to a Deshaun Watson trade
    • Only Issue is the Dolphins owner wants some sort of indication from Goodell on if Watson will be suspended or not
    • Trade includes
      • 3 first round picks
      • 2 second round picks
    • Have until Nov. 2

Trade or No Trade

  • Players to look out for before the trade deadline arrives!
    • Jimmy Garoppolo
    • OBJ
    • Allen Robinson

Start, Bench, Cut

  • Aaron Jones, Kamara, Cook
  • Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray, Joe Burrow
  • Adams, Hopkins, Hill

Game Reviews

Chiefs @ Titans

Bengals @ Ravens

Game Picks

  • Panthers @ Falcons
  • Titans @ Colts
  • Dolphins @ Bills
  • Bengals @ Jets
  • Steelers @ Browns
  • Eagles @ Lions
  • Rams @ Texans2
  • 49ers @ Bears
  • Patriots @ Chargers
  • Jaguars @ Seahawks
  • Bucs @ Saints
  • Washington @ Broncos
  • Cowboys @ Vikings
  • Giants @ Chiefs

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