Ep 8: Adam’s Crazy Hockey Experience

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Adam and Carter talk about World Series Baseball and the craziness that struck the NFL over the past week. They also bring in the second segment of Stories-N-Stuff where Adam talks about his crazy first Idaho Steelheads game!


Weekly Updates

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    • 2 videos over 100k views
  • Website
    • Remodeled
    • Will have more articles published
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World Series

  • Braves won
    • Every wanted that
    • Won in 6
      • Wasn’t close in the last game
      • 3 Homers
      • Jorge Soler MVP
        • Had 3 homers in world series
          • First Homer came from first at bat in the world series for a leadoff homerun
          • Third was a 3 run homer to crack game 6 open
    • Had so many injuries yet their key players got hot at the right time

NFL Trades and Injuries

  • Trades
    • Von Miller to LA Rams for 2 Second day picks 
    • Melvin Gordon to Chiefs
  • No Trades
    • OBJ
      • His dad made a video of all of bakers awful throws to OBJ
    • Watson Does not get traded
      • Apparently Texans backed off deal
  • Injuries
    • Derrick Henry
      • Broken Foot
      • AP is replacing him
    • Jameis Winston
      • Torn ACL
    • Michael Thomas
      • Ankle Injury
      • Out for rest of season
    • CMC
      • Set to return after hamstring injury
    • Dak Prescott
      • Injured his calf
      • Was reported that he could miss up to 6 weeks but appear to be ready to play this week
    • Aaron Rodgers
      • Got put on covid list
      • Will not play against Chiefs

Henry Ruggs

  • Involved in fatal car crash
  • He crashed into another car at high speed and killed the other driver and their dog
    • Ruggs had non life threatening injuries
  • Went to jail 
  • Got cut by Raiders
  • Will he ever get back into the NFL?

Game Picks

Jets @ Colts

Raiders @ Giants

Falcons @ Saints

Bills @ Jaguars

Browns @ Bengals

Patriots @ Panthers

Broncos @ Cowboys

Vikings @ Ravens

Texans @ Dolphins

Chargers @ Eagles

Packers @ Chiefs

Cardinals @ 49ers

Top 5 Teams

1. Packers1. Packers
2. Cardinals2. Rams
3. Cowboys3. Cardinals
4. Bills4. Bills
5. Titans5. Cowboys

Adams Hockey Idaho Steelheads Experience

  • First hockey game since forever
    • First hockey game in Idaho
    • Horrible experience
      • Walk in and the arena was very tiny
      • Very tight sitting space
        • I sit on the end of my families purchased seats
        • Sat next to a dude that was very big 
        • Had to have the whole row shift so I could sit on the other side of my family
      • Steelheads looked horrible
        • Didn’t have any team chemistry
        • Had around 30 shots on the goal without scoring
          • Opposing goalie was elite
        • Went into 3v3 
          • Won within 5 seconds

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