Ep 10: Meeting Steve Young & Cooper Kupp

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Carter and Adam talk about the CFB, NFL, NFL Expansion, Carter’s crazy experience at the Rams at 49ers game, and more!


Weekly Updates

  • 10th episode!!!
    • Thank you for listening to us
  • No episode next week due to thanksgiving break
  • We will be rolling out Fall and Christmas MERCH
  • Social Media
    • TikTok
      • 3.5K followers, shooting for 5K by the end of November
      • 3 videos over 150K views
        • 2 are over 200K
          • 1 almost reaching 300K and the other almost reaching 250K
          • The 250K was at 18K and randomly got 100K views in one day and is most liked video 27.7K likes

Boise State Athletics


  • WBB: 1-1
  • MBB: 1-1 
    • They look decent so far 


  • Bowl eligible (6-4)
  • Win over Wyoming 23-13
    • Last second touchdown made score 13
  • Play New Mexico at BSU
    • Should we win in this game?

College Football

Heisman Race

Who will win the award?


Current Standings

NFL News

  • OBJ to Rams
  • Cam Newton to Panthers
  • Lions didnt lose
  • Two goats lose 
    • Brady and White
  • Mike White is no longer starting
    • It was fun while it lasted

Stories-N-Stuff: Meeting Steve Young & Cooper Kupp

  • Carter talks about his crazy experience going to the Rams at 49ers game where he was able to meet Hall of Fame quarterback and Pro Bowl receiver Cooper Kupp!

NFL Expansion

Top cities/states that Carter and Adam would like to see get an expansion

Salt Lake or BoiseSt Louis
TorontoSan Diego
PortlandMexico City
Oklahoma or NebraskaToronto
MontanaSan Antonio

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