Cameron Heyward throws punches at Justin Herbert after play

Steelers’ Cameron Heyward throws punches at Chargers’ Justin Herbert after play

By: Adam Bridges


Erratic and emotional actions tend to come more frequently in close and competitive game between two playoff contending teams.

This was definitely the case in the Week 11 Steelers at Chargers game.

Both teams started to get very unsportsmanlike in the Sunday Night Football showing of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Chargers in Los Angeles, California on Nov. 21.

The Sunday night game started to become one sided by the third quarter with the Chargers leading 27-10, but the Steelers managed to cut the deficit down to seven points early in the fourth quarter.

With around 9 minutes left in the game, Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert escaped the pocket and had a ton of green grass ahead of him.

Herbert was finally stopped by Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward, but not after rushing for 36 yards to the Steelers 11-yard line.

After Heyward had tackled Herbert, he had stayed on top of the quarterback well after the whistle had been blown. This caused Chargers receiver Joshua Palmer to rush over towards Heyward and aid his quarterback.

Heyward responded to this by shoving the Palmer aside and landing a firm punch on Herbert’s stomach.

Heyward was flagged on the play, but was somehow not ejected for clearly landing a punch on Herbert.

Now that the game is over and the Chargers defeated the Steelers 37-41, we will now have to wait and see if NFL will take a second look at this play and decide to penalize or fine Heyward remains.

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