Ep 19: Guess the Quarterback Cadence pt.2

In this episode of Sports-N-Stuff, Carter and Adam reattempt the Guess the Quarterback Cadence game! They also talk about the Boise State basketball team’s hot streak and the NFL playoffs!


Weekly Updates

  • 49ers vs Packers bet
    • Adam has to wear a 49ers jersey
  • 2nd week on video
    • Should be better than the last
  • TikTok
    • Adam made a video about the packers
      • Had 1 view for an hour
      • After the game it jumped from 100 views to over 150K 
      • Most commented video
    • At 6221 followers
  • YouTube
    • Starting a What would have happened series
      • First is what would have happened if the Panthers won Super Bowl 50
        • Should be out soon! 
  • Giveaway
    • $100 Sports-N-Stuff store gift card giveaway
      • To enter you can
        • Interact with the giveaway announcement posts on TikTok and Instagram for 1 entry
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        • Winner will be announced on Feb. 1

Boise State Basketball

  • MBB
    • HOT
    • 15-4 overall and 6-0 in conference play
    • Defeated Utah State and San Diego State
    • Marcus Shaver leading team, drilling clutch shots
    • Play Wyoming today (15-2) (5-0)
    • Will we get a tournament bid?
  • WBB
    • Picked it up
    • 7-11 overall 
    • Beat Wyoming and Colorado State

Guess the Quarterback Cadence pt. 2

  • Tried this last episode
    • Did not go well
    • This time we ensured that there are no spoilers like last time
    • List of quarterbacks for this round
      • Lamar Jackson 
      • Joe Burrow
      • Justin Herbert
      • Mac Jones
      • Zach Wilson
      • Ben Roethlisberger
      • Kyler Murray
      • Tom Brady

NFL Divisional Round

  • Bengals beat Titans (19-16)
    • First ever Bengals away game victory in playoffs
    • Tannehill threw 3 interceptions
      • First play of game, first play of second half, final seconds of game
    • Will Titans look for a new quarterback for next season?
      • If so, are they drafting a quarterback or trading for one?
    • Joe Burrow sacked 9 times
      • Ties NFL record for most sacks in a playoff game
    • Was this a really good Bengals win or a really bad loss for the Titans?
  • Rams beat Bucs (30-27)
    • Was not close for a while
      • 27-3
    • Tom Brady almost came back
    • Rams lose 4 fumbles
    • Many memes about Brady’s cut lip
    • Cooper Kupp gets a 70 yd touchdown and 44 yd reception to win game
      • MVP?
    • Suh complains about being kicked
  • Chiefs beat Bills in OT (42-36)
    • Both quarterbacks played incredibly
      • Josh Allen 27/37 329 yds 4 TDs
      • Patrick Mahomes 33/44 378 yds 3 TDs
    • Diggs put up 7 yards after watching championship ceremony last year
    • Should the NFL change OT rules
  • 49ers beat Packers (13-10)
    • Many 3 and outs by both teams
    • Jimmy G played like trash
    • Packers special teams gives up blocked FG, blocked punt for a TD, 50 yard KR
    • Robbie Gould kicks game winner
    • Will Aaron Rodgers stay in GB?
      • How will this affect the Packers future?

NFL Championships

  • Bengals vs Chiefs (-7)
  • Bengals beat Chiefs in week 17
  • 49ers vs Rams (-3.5)

  • 49ers swept Rams for 3rd straight season
  • Teams that swept an opponent defeated them in the playoffs as well 14/21 times

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