Meet the Hosts

Me and my family were huge Angels fans while I was younger. After the Angels lost to the Yankees in the 2009 ALCS, my family slowly stopped watching baseball.

I had watched my first football game a year later when Peyton Manning and the Colts destroyed Eli Manning and the Giants in week 2 of the 2010 season. This game made me instantly fall in love with football. From this point forward, everything I knew was football. I played football for 7 years and played almost every position.

I got into sports media during the middle of my senior year of high school. I was the sports reporter for my high school newspaper and started my own sports podcast named AB Sports Image.

I was hired by the Boise State newspaper, The Arbiter, to be the Sports and Rec. Reporter in my first year at the school. This job with the school’s student media helped me decide to end AB Sports Image and start up Sports-N-Stuff with the University Pulse.


Meet the Staff